Announcing Lantern’s $6.8M seed funding

Today Lantern announced their seed funding. Lantern is building a B2B platform that combines a CDP and customer success tools. 8-Bit Capital invested alongside ​​Primary Ventures, Moxxie Ventures, and 8VC.

We’ve seen the rise of the customer data platform (CDP) in recent years as a central repository for collecting data about customers to better understand their needs. It’s worth noting that Twilio spent $3.2 billion to buy CDP Segment in 2020 with the goal of building data-fueled apps. Today, Lantern, an early-stage startup, is building on that idea by combining a CDP focused on B2B with a customer success platform consisting of a set of AI-fueled tools to take advantage of that data.


Lantern’s Founder and CEO David Bromberg will undoubtedly revolutionize the way that sales and customer success teams take control of their installed bases of customers but far more importantly, will challenge what’s possible in the world of B2B Customer Data Platforms and make the entire SaaS enablement ecosystem stronger as a result.

Primary Ventures

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