Business Insider interview

I was interviewed by Jim Edwards at Business Insider:

Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote, “Before I ever open Twitter, I open Nuzzel, a Twitter client app that digests my Twitter feed for me, showing me the most popular links in my network in the past 24 hours. Nuzzel can be tuned in a number of ways, but this default behaviour more than suffices. By putting an algorithm between me and the firehose of Twitter, Nuzzel makes Twitter usable for a mere mortal.”

I use it too.

So I decided to interview Jonathan Abrams face to face (via video) to find out what it’s like being the CEO of the company everyone thinks can fix everything that’s wrong with Twitter.

In San Francisco, Abrams is a minor celebrity. He was the founder of Hotlinks and Socializr, a co-owner of the San Francisco nightclub Slide, and he’s now a managing partner at Founders’ Den, the office-space/private club for entrepreneurs.

Read the interview at Business Insider.