My second episode on The Twenty Minute VC

On August 25, 2017, I was a guest on the “Twenty Minute VC” podcast for the second time.

Harry and I discussed some of my thoughts on board dynamics, the seed funding landscape, and things that VCs often say that don’t really resonate with founders.

Jonathan Abrams is the Founder and CEO @ Nuzzel, the startup that offers personalised news discovery and curated newsletters for busy professionals. They have backing from some of the investing greats including Marc Andreesen, Naval Ravikant, Homebrew, SoftTech and Lowercase just to name a few. Prior to Nuzzel, Jonathan was the Founder of early social media machine, Friendster attaining funding from Benchmark, Kleiner and Reid Hoffman. Jonathan is also a prolific angel investor counting AngelList, Docker, Front, Instacart, and Slideshare amongst his portfolio.

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