Array podcast

On July 30, 2018, I was a guest on Shruti Gandhi’s Array Podcast: “Jonathan Abrams founder of Nuzzel and Friendster on how to win in a crowded market”

A Canadian implant in SV Jonathan Abrams is now a founder of 4 SV startups: Socializr, Friendster, HotLinks and most recently Nuzzel with backing from Marc Andreesen, Naval Ravikant, Homebrew, SoftTech and Lowercase just to name a few. Jonathan has first hand experience on how timing matters for companies, how to differentiate in a crowded market to rise above the competition, and how execution is as important as the initial idea for the company to succeed. Jonathan is also a prolific angel investor counting AngelList, Docker, Front, Instacart, and Slideshare amongst his portfolio. I love my interactions with Jonathan because he is outspoken about supporting and opening doors for women founders. He is also on the board of Girls in Technology.

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