Investing in Cerbos

Cerbos is provides painless access management for cloud-native applications teams.

8-Bit Capital invested in their seed round along with great UK investors like Seedcamp, Earlybird, and Crane.

It has been a bumper year in the identification and access management (IAM) realm, with Okta snapping up Auth0 for a cool $6.5 billion, One Identity buying rival OneLogin, and countless venture capital (VC) investments are thrown into the identity management space. IAM, for the uninitiated, is chiefly concerned with authenticating and authorizing people, and controlling how, where, and when they can access specific systems and applications.

At a time when every company is effectively a software company, managing user permissions becomes integral. Different users will often require different access rights based on their role and department, and companies need the infrastructure that enables their software to do this without having to create it all from scratch. For example, financial software might need to offer user permission functionality, so some employees can only submit expense reports, while others will be able to “approve” the expenses or mark them as “paid.” These various permissions might vary by team, department, and geographic location — and companies need to be able to set their own user permission rules.

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