Venture Unlocked podcast

I was recently the guest on Samir Kaji’s “Venture Unlocked” podcast. Venture Unlocked is the playbook for starting, operating, & scaling a successful venture capital firm. I talked about starting 8-Bit Capital.

We are joined by Jonathan Abrams, Co-Founder and General Partner at 8-Bit Capital. Jonathan previously was an angel investor and entrepreneur founding both Nuzzel and Friendster, the latter of which he helped grow to over 100MM users and where he met his current partner at 8-Bit, Kent Lindstrom. 

Jonathan also co-founded Founders Den with Zack Bogue of DCVC in 2011, which quickly became one of San Francisco’s earliest and most popular startup work and event spaces.

We think you’ll really enjoy Jonathan’s story, and how he thinks about all aspects of seed-stage investing.

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