The Cap Table Newsletter Interview

“The Cap Table” is a new newsletter about VC and investing. I was interviewed in the latest issue.

We’re thrilled to announce this week’s exclusive with Jonathan Abrams, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor and Board Member! 
Abrams, a 6x founder, started his career at Netscape as a Software Engineer before going on to found various companies including Friendster (backed by Benchmark & Kleiner Perkins) and Nuzzel (acq. by Scroll in 2019). With extensive operating experience under his belt, Abrams then went on to found Founders Den, a workspace and community for startups and investors, and most recently 8-Bit Capital in 2019, where he currently serves as Co-Founder and General Partner. With deep cap table knowledge as an operator and investor, we discussed…

Read the interview at “The Cap Table” on Substack.